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Cifuentes says that "never again" had "nothing to do" with the financing of the PP and its campaigns


The president of the Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes (PP) , distanced herself this Tuesday from the suspicions of irregular funding in her party by ensuring that she never had any responsibility in managing the accounts of the organization or in the payment of the campaigns until his arrival at the Presidency of the PP in Madrid, in 2016. “I never had anything to do with it,” Cifuentes replied to a question about the campaigns prior to that date.

Cifuentes appeared Tuesday before the commission of investigation regarding the alleged illegal financing of the PP in the Congress of Deputies, which was already attended by, among others, the ex-stewards Luis Bárcenas , Rosendo Naseiro and Ángel Sanchís ; the current person in charge of the finances of the PP, Carmen Navarro ; former Valencian president Francisco Camps ; former General Secretary of the PP of Madrid Francisco Granados ; and Francisco Correa , presumed ringleader of the Gürtel.

The president of the PP in Madrid also argued that her role in the campaign committee of the Madrid PP of the autonomous and local of 2007 and the general 2008, the only ones of which he was part, was limited to exercise the responsibility for mobilization: “My responsibility was that charges and militants went to the rallies , ball point,” settled Cifuentes , who also denied, to questions of Toni Cantó (Cs) , who knew the “resources” that were available to develop these mobilization tasks.


“I exclusively carried out the territorial mobilization, which consists of calling the districts and local offices to take people to fill up meetings, to the electoral activities … mobilization of positions and affiliates, I have never participated in the economic, administrative or the financing of any campaign, “he explained. He also clarified that he did not play a decisive role in the election of the people who composed the electoral lists in the Esperanza Aguirre stage.

Regarding its organic responsibilities, Cifuentes circumscribed it to the “revitalization” of the party in the Community of Madrid between 2004 and 2008 and to the “issues that affected the disciplinary regime”, such as the election of instructors for the information files that affected militants, between 2008 and 2012. “Until I’m named president, I have nothing to do with the management of the party, nor with any financial issues or campaigns,” he said.

Zero tolerance

The leader of the Madrilenian conservatives insisted that she has “zero tolerance against corruption” because it is a “curse”, and argued that her government is represented in the causes of the Punic, Gürtel and Lezo plots. “All the matters that have to do with the Canal de Isabel II are judicialized because my Government informed the Prosecutor’s Office,” argued Cifuentes in another point of his appearance.

Cifuentes did admit that there have been “people” in the PP who “have taken advantage of his position to fatten his current account” and to “commit illegal acts”, which he described as “embarrassing” and for which he said that, in the Community of Madrid, “there has already been” an “evident punishment of citizenship” to the PP “for the behavior of previous leaders.”

Shortly before starting his appearance, Cifuentes described as “very serious” and “a shame” that the Congress of Deputies lends itself to be “speaker of defamation.” The president of Madrid, who arrived accompanied by the general coordinator of the PP, Fernando Martínez-Maíllo , and the conservative spokesman in the lower house, Rafael Hernando , insisted that he does not know very well why they have asked him to appear.

After his speech, the spokesperson of the PP in the commission, Beatriz Escudero , denounced that for PSOE, Unidos Podemos and Cs “anything goes against the PP”, and reproached the three opposition groups that have forced to appear to Cifuentes, who described by a person of “irreproachable reputation”. Escudero insisted that this commission of inquiry is an “outrage” and criticized the deputies of the rest of the groups who think that “defame and slander” is free.

Plantón de Beltrán

Before this same commission was quoted in the morning of this Tuesday the exgerente of the PP of Madrid Beltrán Gutiérrez , that did not go to the not having picked up the requirement that was sent to him to his address weeks ago , according to the president of the Commission explained, Pedro Quevedo (NC), at the beginning of the session, in which he assured that the request was communicated to Gutiérrez “in time and form at the address of which there was evidence,” EFE reports.

“We know that yesterday afternoon burofax and certified mail had not been picked up at the corresponding post office, where they were from March 8 and 7 , respectively,” said Quevedo , who said “it is not easy “solve these situations, because Congress does not have a figure like the judicial police of the courts to deliver notifications. “We’ll have to find out what happens with this person,” he said.

Therefore, at the meeting of the Commission’s Bureau that will be held this Wednesday, what will be studied in these situations that “are not usually planned”. Quevedo said that Congress has “important coercive mechanisms” to make Gutiérrez appear in the Commission, “how to go to criminal proceedings”, although he hoped that it would not be necessary to go to that extreme. “The most normal thing is that this man has not been able to find out for whatever reasons,” he said.

In the opinion of the socialist spokesman in the commission, Artemi Rallo , “these behaviors are revealing of the appearance of some of those appearing.” Any person summoned to appear by the Congress of Deputies has the obligation to attend, according to article 1 of the Organic Law of Appearance before the Commissions of Investigation of the Congress. If he does not attend, he faces a conviction for a serious offense of disobedience typified in the Penal Code.