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The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategy and the Internationalization Plan will be approved in 2016

The Master Plan for Industrial Promotion will reach the Cortes next year

The Master Plan for Industrial Promotion will reach the Cortes next year

The Minister of Economy and Finance of Castilla y León, Pilar del Olmo, has ensured that the Social Dialogue will approve the Strategy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the same year in which she hopes to have a new Business Internationalization Plan ready that she hopes to increase up to the 6,000 exporting companies of the Community.

Del Olmo has expressed this during his appearance in the Cortes of Castilla y León to present the strategic lines of his department during the current term.

In this context, he pointed out that the main priorities of his program are to consolidate economic recovery, guarantee large public services and strengthen the project of Castilla y León as a community, for which he has advocated deepening its institutional development and its cohesion territorial.

Thus, he assured that an entrepreneurship policy will be developed that facilitates and promotes the creation of companies to reach the goal set by the president of the Board, Juan Vicente Herrera, of reaching 8,000 new companies in the first two years of the legislature, 1,000 of them of technological and innovative base in the four years of the legislature.

To this end, an Integral Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategy will be drawn up, which will encompass all existing plans and programs in this area and will be approved within the Social Dialogue before next July.

The Strategy will be executed by the Entrepreneurial Network of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, formed by companies, universities and the Board, the latter through the Agency for Innovation, Financing and Business Internationalization (ADE).

In addition, has indicated that incorporate means for full advice to entrepreneurs, so that their projects become realities either from the future Bank of Ideas, or through the Comprehensive Support System for Entrepreneurs, already present in all provinces of the community.

It will also serve to develop measures such as the TCUE program (University-Business Knowledge Transfer), the Smart Specialization Strategy of Castilla y León 2014-2020 (RIS3), a new Technological Transfer Plan to cross supply and demand of companies, the 10 ‘cluster’ or groups that promote innovation in other sectors – to which will be added one more related to tourism, heritage and the Spanish language – and the remodeling of technology parks to turn them into innovative and specialized spaces .

In the same line of reinforcing the competitiveness of the autonomous economy, as a way to generate quality employment that fixes and attracts population, has affirmed that the budgetary effort in R + D + ia will be intensified throughout the legislature until reaching 3% cent of the spending capacity of the ministries.

Framework agreement

In addition, Del Olmo has opted to advance the III Framework Agreement for Competitiveness and Innovation 2014-2020, which will be evaluated this month with the social partners and wants to strengthen the regional business fabric.

The Minister recalled that it is working with the conviction that the competitiveness of the economy will achieve the objective of reindustrializing the Community so that the weight of the industry in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reaches 20 percent in the year 2020.

To this, he explained, will contribute the Master Plan for Industrial Promotion, which is already studied by the social partners, and that once approved will be presented to the Cortes in the first quarter of 2016 as a framework to negotiate a Parliamentary Pact for the Reindustrialization of the Community in accordance with the political agreement between the Board and PP, PSOE, Podemos and Ciudadanos on July 22.

On the other hand, to boost the external expansion of the regional companies, until reaching the 6,000 export companies at the end of the term, the Board will approve a new Business Internationalization Plan in the first quarter of 2016.

In order to improve the competitiveness of companies, in terms of infrastructure, Pilar del Olmo has influenced the challenge is to make it available to companies through new marketing formulas, as flexible as the regulations allow, ranging from deferred payment until lease or surface rights.

In addition, the counselor has announced that the reduction of one of the most important fixed costs that companies have will lead to a new Energy Efficiency Strategy of Castilla y León 2016-2020, while in relation to renewable energy the goal is to maintain the good position of the Community at national level and to meet the EU’s goal of representing 20% ​​of the total by 2020.

Fiscal benefits

In tax matters, it has ensured that a “contained fiscal policy” will be developed, for which the tax benefits to the transmission or inheritance of the agrarian and family company and to the business investment in the IRPF will be maintained. In addition, it has ensured that, after an evaluation process, new advantages will be established or existing ones will be expanded to promote entrepreneurship and the creation of companies that encourage employment. However, it has ruled out the introduction of own taxes that affect SMEs and the self-employed, in compliance with the commitments assumed.

In addition, the Minister, after highlighting the importance of trade in the Community – is the main component of GDP, with more than 3,500 million euros and more than 138,000 employees, has ensured that its competitiveness will be improved through the new Strategy for the Trade 2016-2018 that, among other new features, will include the creation of a Network of Domestic Trade Agents (RACI); a Marketing Plan focused on increasing the presence of the products manufactured in the Community in the linear of the commercial surfaces and improving the distribution in the rural nuclei; and a Merchant Portal that will allow to be in continuous connection with the recipients of this type of public policies.

The crafts, closely linked to the territory, will be the object of specific attention with actions aimed at modernizing the workshops and improving the promotion, distribution and enhancement of the uniqueness, creativity and quality of the products.

Likewise, a Chamber Law will be drawn up with all those involved, to convert these entities into agile entities adapted to the business reality that provide services without incurring duplication.

In terms of tax policy, in addition to maintaining the current tax benefits, Pilar del Olmo has announced that they will be reinforced with new tax advantages for the promotion of entrepreneurship and the establishment of companies. In this same framework, the reduction of the autonomous income tax rate in 2016, the suppression of the autonomic section of the Tax on Hydrocarbons from January 1 and the lower taxation on the Inheritance and Donations Tax in the transmissions from parents to children are framed and between spouses.

The counselor, who has recalled the commitment to financial sustainability and fiscal consolidation, has announced that from 2016 it is intended to start reducing the percentage of the debt on the regional GDP, which will help both the renegotiation of the portfolio of loans as the additional financing mechanisms of the State Administration.